Fine Details for the Mandolin Choices for You Now

A good mandolin does not have to cost much and saves you a lot of work in the kitchen. But what do you have to pay attention to if you want to buy one? Is a more expensive always better? And what can you always cut with it? You can read all about that in the article below.


What is a mandolin?

Use mandolins to cut uniform slices, sticks, and strips. The mandolin consists of a flat plate, in which a knife is processed. If you rub a carrot, cucumber or another piece of vegetables over the plate, you move along the knife, where slices of the same thickness are cut off. If you have a comb-shaped insert, rods or strings are formed. At your specialized cookery shop ( more info on ) you will find many mandolins from various brands.

With a mandolin, you can quickly and easily cut vegetables. They are widely used in restaurant kitchens, where manual cutting with a knife would take too much time. There are also special knives and inserts for mandolins, with which you can for example cut fries.

Benefits of a mandolin

The two major advantages of a mandolin are:

  • Cutting is faster: especially with larger quantities
  • Slices are always uniform and equally thin
  • You can cut much thinner than manually with a knife

For home use, it is a personal consideration what is most efficient: using a chef’s knife or mandolin. If you pick up the mandolin, cutting will be quicker, but you will be cleaning up the appliance for longer. For small cutting loops, you can, therefore, better use a chef’s knife.

The even slices you make with a mandolin are useful for potato chips, for example, where you want them all to be cooked and cooked at the same time.

What can you use a mandolin for?

A mandolin can be used for all kinds of applications:

  • Cut thin slices of potato for homemade chips.
  • Slightly cut thicker slices of potato for a gratinated oven dish.
  • Cut potato sticks for fries.
  • Cut slices of cucumber or radish for a salad.
  • Slice carrot or zucchini cut for salads or pasta.
  • Cut slices of tomato or lemon as decoration for a dish.

Is an expensive mandolin always better?

The best cutting tool is the one that you always have within reach. For small cutting jobs that are your chef’s knife, for larger quantities, you can buy a specialized mandolin. Even the cheaper models with handle are well suited for fast disc make. Picking out the box and placing the blades is sometimes a bit too much work. When it comes to thin slices only, it works just as well with a cheaper model. Do you have a catering company and do you plan to cut large amounts of salad daily, then such a more expensive model comes into play.